[Music Monday] She Just Wanna @SlimSkyView

​Brooklyn native, Slimskyview aims to take over the Hip-Hop game, pairing his bold flow with  his love for dope beats to bring a voice to today’s ‘silent generation‘.  He prides himself on blending retro vintage styles with Hip-Hop and Neo Soul, creating a mastery infusion for the music lovers ears. 

  As Slimskyview explains, “Rap isn’t the same anymore. The people are ready to take the red pill and awake and get back to their roots” . It’s a natural fit for a rapper who grew up with direct influences of Big Daddy Kane and his entire crew in the basement making hits. 

 After the success of his debut solo album, Depths of Desire, Slimskyview has traveled across the country, learning and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the underground hip-hop world.  As he gains popularity in the East, Slimskyview continues to showcase his work on major stages, lining up his big impact on the music scene. 

Slimskyview is currently working on his next project, but has teased fans with some preview tracks. 

Until his next release, get familiar with Slimskyview. Check out his singles She Just Wanna and Walking Dead below as well as footage from Sky Tunes Episode 1.



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