Tha L. Spot Meets Mogul & Songwriter Shanell ‘Red’ Irving

These past couple of months I have been fortunate to be in the presence of many talented moguls in the music industry. One of them happened to be songwriter, Shanell ‘Red’ Irving. She has written songs for Destiny’s Child, Jaheim, Charlie Wilson, Faith Evans, Hi-Five and more. I am truly thankful to have been introduced to her by a friend of Tha L. Spot, Shaliek Rivers during his session for his upcoming project “Heart of a Man”.


Shaliek Session (left to right: Evan Brown, JJ, Shanell ‘Red’ Irving, Shaliek, Sophia, Jaron Hitz) Photo Taken by Jessica Lanice C.

After this session, I began to see Shanell ‘Red’ Irving’s name everywhere. She recently wrote a song for legendary R&B group Hi-Five on their song “Different Kiss”. Also, she has a reality show called “The Writerz Rumble” that I saw others posting on social media so I just had to find out more about her.

Shanell has been working in the music industry at a very young age. She was a big Hip-Hop head. She always loved Hip-Hop music and the culture. She used to manage the legendary KRS-One before he became the legend that he is known as today in Hip-Hop. However, what sparked her interest in singing is when she saw Angie Stone (formerly known as Angie B.) sing and rap at the same time. Shanell was so amazed at how Angie was able to do that and wanted to do the exact same thing. She had joined an all girl group but unfortunately the group separated. However, Shanell and one of the group members, Tenesha started their own movement called “Big Drawz”, which they would write songs for other artists. This led to many opportunities for them. Shanell said everyone would come to them for the “big drawz experience”, which was a ‘collaboration of greatness’. At this moment, they both are doing their own thing but whenever someone wants the “big drawz experience” they are ready to go to work.

Right now, one of Shanell’s main focuses is her reality tv show “The Writerz Rumble” that she created 3 years ago. She has already held auditions in NYC and the next one will be in ATL on April 23rd. The concept behind the show is to gather songwriters from different cities and pair them into groups to create songs as a team to a track provided by selected producers. The purpose is to show the challenges, dedication, and successes of songwriters during their journey of getting song placements. Many people are not familiar that it’s the songwriters who are the brains behind the lyrics of hit songs. This show will open opportunities for upcoming songwriters and producers to gain experience of working in an environment with others and having to create a song within a certain amount of time. They will also be educated about the business aspects for songwriters in the music industry.

Besides Shanell working on her reality television show, she is the A&R for girl group Symplicity and works with hip-hop artist, Sir Moore. When she met these artists, they reminded her of the past. For instance, Simplicity reminded her of TLC when they were on top of the charts. For Sir Moore, he reminds her of rappers with a message such as Common and Most Def.

Shanell Red and Sir Moore

Shanell Red and Sir Moore



Mogul, Shanell ‘Red’ Irving is continuously making her mark in the music industry and is creating opportunities for others to do the same. She does not want them to have to go through the same journey and struggles herself and many others have gone through as songwriters.


“Hustle harder. Try to find a way to get around the mess. Do your homework. Incorporate more into your craft.”

– Shanell ‘Red’ Irving

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  1. DOPE! APPRECIATE THE LOVE….Had a great time chatting with you GOOD VIBES!

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