A Night of Networking & Being Recognized @ Tha L. Spot’s 3rd Year Anniversary Concert!

A few days later since our 3rd year anniversary concert at Roulette Theater in Brooklyn and everyone is still talking about it. It was amazing to see the amount of people in attendance and everyone networking with each other. Performers, vendors, and sponsors were being interviewed by the press. Vendors were networking with each other and the guests as they arrived. Everyone pretty much supported one another.

The concert opened with our previous hosts from our 2nd year anniversary concert, Krystal Garner and Michael Mills sharing their experience with Tha L. Spot and introducing the new host for this year’s concert, comedian Charlie Wilson. Charlie Wilson opened up the show with his routine that had everyone laughing and nearly falling out of their seats. He made sure the crowd kept it “100” with him throughout the night. Charlie then introduced founder, Jessica Lanice C. of Tha L. Spot Ent. & P.R. LLC, and she shared her mission for Tha L. Spot and the opportunities she has created for her team. She brought up her team and had them share a few words about their experience in being a part of the company.

However, the concert began when R&B/soul artist, Dave Al hit the stage with his band “Green Sofa”. The audience was amazed by his soulful voice. Then, hip-hop artist, Cameron Jay performed his hit single “All That You Need”, which everyone was vibing to during the show. And before the brief intermission, D-Limitz gave an outstanding performance when they came out with their African Drums and had people in the audience dancing with them. They also brought out dancers in their set. They most definitely closed out the first part of the show with energy.

During intermission, the audience members interacted with hosts Krystal Garner and Michael Mills while DJ N.O played some classic Hip-Hop and R&B music and then went into some Spanish music, where Krystal and Michael found some dancing partners in the audience.

The second part of the show opened with R&B/soul artist, Islima Songbird, who had everyone loving her set from singing songs in her soultry voice like Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”, Chrisette Michelle’s “Epiphany”, as well as, Islima Songbird’s new single “The Break Up”. She made her mark as being the only female performer. Then, hip-hop american artist, Kwoat (pronounced “Quote”) entertained everyone with his fun performance, as well as, his spoken word set. And closing out the show, we had “The Prince of Tha L. Spot”, Nathaniel and his dancers perform his latest hit “My Lady”, along with some new songs, and he brought out our 2nd year anniversary concert performer, Fre$h The Be$t back to the stage with his latest single “Alright”.

Overall, it was an amazing show and we were thankful for all of our performers, vendors, sponsors and affiliates to come out and support each other. It was an amazing 3rd year anniversary!

Thank you to everyone who participated: Chic By Choice, The College Girl Cosmetics by La China B, R.P. Gallery, Lily’z Closet, Class First Events, Something Serious Radio, Cotten Kandi, Wire Radio 247, Deans List Tour, Charlie Wilson, DJ N.O, Krystal Garner, Michael Mills, Islima Songbird, Kwoat, Cameron Jay, Dave Al, D-Limitz, Camille Jay, Kiara Mica, Dajeanius, Yasmin, Nya, Andre, L Banks Da Bossy, Lovely Miss Jones, Sidneyo on The Radio, LeStruggleAm, Xtreme 104FM, Cann Cann, The Conneckt, Entourage TV, Socialite Heights, Montage Ent. & Media, Trauma Radio, and Qui TV.


Thank you for visiting Tha L. Spot!


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  1. Keep up the Great Work. Blessings to Tha L Spot!!

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