This Spring Break The Rules: Rebel Era Bowties by @TyedbyDede

Have you been Tyde by Dede? No? Then get rebellious and  try Tyde by Dede’s new spring 2015 collection, Break The Rules: Rebel Era Bowties. Compared to their previous collections, they have added more colorful leather and knit bowties with clever and fun designs. Tyde by Dede’s bowties are custom made to make sure their customers leave with their own unique edgy style.



 “A TYDE BY DEDE customer won’t have to worry about attending any event and having 20 people in the same tie: don’t you hate that? Lol. You pick the fabric and we’ll do the rest. No more expensive bow ties and clip on’s.” – Tyde by Dede






About Creators of TYED BY DEDE: Deroll “Dede” Scarlett & Corey Carter are the creators of TYED BY DEDE. “It only took them 30 years, but they finally figured out what they wanted to be when they grew up. And this is it – owning their own men’s neck wear business”. TYED BY DEDE launched its fresh, fierce neckline accessories on March 7, 2014. What makes this product different is that it brings that splash of color blocking into wardrobes all over the world.


Want to be Tyed by Dede? Visit 

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