[Music Monday] Between the Sheets Mix @DJ_Anga_NYC

Have you ever tried to set the mood (you know what we mean *winks*,) but don’t have the right music? Or have you ever had the mood just right; music to get them in the mood and all that is playing.  But then the song ends and a total random songs plays next, killing the vibes you worked so hard to create.  The wrong music can definitely mess up any good moment for sure.

Well you don’t have to worry about music killing the mood any longer.  Get ya lust and ya freak on with DJ Anga‘s latest Between the Sheets Mix.  So whether you are in your feelings or trying to get in something else (winks*) DJ Anga got you.

DJ Anga, from Canarsie Brooklyn, has been in the DJ game for about 8 years.  However it wasn’t always his passion.  As a youngster, Anga had developed a strong interest in cars and even used to street race.  But after running into some trouble, he decided to give that dream up, and focus on another hobby.

What started off as a hobby quickly escalated into something more.  After purchasing his own mixer and creating new mixed CDs each week for his friends, Anga realized that DJing was something he greatly enjoyed.  He and his friends would always throw little house parties after school, before any parents got home of course.  It gained so much popularity that it became a regular event.  Classmates were disappointed if an after school music session didn’t take place and if it did, you were not cool if you didn’t show up.

Making it as a DJ, as far as getting on the radio, to me, is equivalent to making it in the NBA; it takes a lot of time and effort.” Now you can find DJ Anga spinning at various clubs and lounges throughout the Tri-State area. But he has a bigger plan for himself.  Aside from being a permanent Radio DJ, Anga plans to tour in stadiums and arenas all over the world.

I got this thing that I say on the mic “I don’t care if it’s 6 or 600 of yall, we are gonna party the same way.” So regardless of how many people are in the club, we are going to have fun and have a good time. Just like in everyday life, you cant please everybody.  But if a majority of the people can leave saying they had a good time that means I completed my job.

You can party with DJ Anga almost any day of the week.  Find him every

Tuesday  Island Taste

Thursday Magnet Lounge

Friday Stage 48

Saturday at 760 Rooftop

Tell us what you think of the Between the Sheets Mix in the comments below.


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