Attention Ladies! Crochet Fashion by “Lily’z Closet” in a Way You’ve Never Seen Before!

Forget everything you know about crochet from your grandmother’s hats, scarves and blankets. Lead designer Kadesha, puts a creative spin on the old pastime with her latest fashion line, Lily’z Closet.

The fierce fashion crochet swim line boasts an assortment of colors, shapes and patterns with style names such as “Jody,” “Kirsten,” and “Olivia.” Each swimsuit comes custom made complete with its own intricate design stitched into a halter or bikini strap style.

"Jody" Swimsuit by Lily'z Closet

“Jody” swimsuit by Lily’z Closet

"Kirsten" Swimsuit by Lily'z Closet

“Kirsten” swimsuit by Lily’z Closet

"Olivia" swimsuit by Lily'z Closet

“Olivia” swimsuit by Lily’z Closet

When asked about her inspiration behind her sexy crochet line, designer Kadesha says she pulls her inspiration from various places, “Most of my designs are inspired by some of the latest trends I see in magazines and on social media. I also get these visions from things I would want to see in the market.”

Like every entrepreneur, having your own business comes with its own unique challenges. For Kadesha her biggest challenge is assuring her customers of the durable quality of her crochet swim pieces. “Selling this brand to people involves seriously educating them and making them aware that it can be worn in water, it is machine washable and very comfortable to wear,” says Kadesha.

While Lily’z Closet has been sold in places like Australia and Hawaii, Kadesha has goals of one day seeing her pieces reach the Caribbean and Africa. This year the young designer plans on taking her brand to the next level by entering her brand in as many fashion shows as possible. She is also working on building her team of “crocheting professionals” which will help her in reaching a wider audience. When asked who she would most love to see in a Lily’z Closet swimsuit, “I would love to see Rihanna wearing one of my pieces,” says Kadesha.

Lily’z Closet makes everything from crocheted swimsuits to crocheted earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all of which will be showcased at Tha L. Spot’s 3rd Year Anniversary Concert. Be sure to get your tickets, for a chance to purchase some of these creative crochet gems.

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