Entrepreneur, Racquel Reid Puts a Classy Twist on Her Business

Being classy is a matter of choice. When it comes to event planning, CEO of Class First Events, Racquel Reid chooses to make class a top priority for her company.

For over nine years, Racquel has been using Class First Events to put on a series of sophisticated networking opportunities for the public. According to Racquel, when it comes to having class, you don’t have to have a lot of money. “You don’t have to be rich to have class,” says Racquel, “the way we dress, talk, and act affect the outcomes of our lives because people make assumptions about us based on those things.”

What started as an undergraduate hobby at her alma mater, Baruch College, would turn into a full on business for the young entrepreneur. Like many new businesses that start out, Racquel mentioned that one of her biggest challenges was finance. “When I first started out, I didn’t have any money to invest in my events. I learned very quickly that it takes a good amount of money to create the events I picture in my head,” says Racquel.

Since the beginning of the brand, Class First Events has put together several events such as after parties for Baruch College’s Black Student Union and Caribbean Student Association Fashion Show. Class First has also hosted Grown & Sexy: Elegance vs. Class a public event to showcase elegant wardrobe. Racquel also offers services to colleges throughout the greater New York Area, such as Long Island University and John Jay College.

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As for the New Year, Racquel has big things planned. In addition to her annual A Pink & Black Affair Charity Event, she also has several collaborations as well as major project that will present opportunities to young adults throughout NYC.

Aside from events, Racquel uses her company to help promote a greater message than event planning. “My brand is a lifestyle brand, “ says Racquel, “I am using events as a fun way to communicate many things to the public while they have a good time. Let’s love each other more, take care of each other more, and care about things that happen to us and around us.”

Class First Events is one of the sponsors of Tha L. Spot’s 3rd Anniversary Concert. Be sure to click on the link to purchase your tickets.

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