[Wild Wednesday] 2 Chainz fights for Marijuana

Television host Nancy Grace featured rapper 2 Chainz on her HLN show on Tuesday night to debate the legalization of weed.  

The two faced off defending their beliefs, 2 Chainz for the legalization of pot and Nancy Grace, of course, against it.

Nancy Grace criticized 2 Chainz for supporting marijuana after showing him videos of parents forcing their toddlers to smoke pot.  But instead of scolding the artist, the parents in those videos should have gotten the backlash.  Who in their right mind would serve pot to their child? (unless it was for medical reasons.)   The legalization of pot does not mean that it will not be abused, the same way alcohol and tobacco are abused.  Every instance is not the same and some will abuse the freedom and others will respect it.

2 Chainz defended those that will respect the legalization.  He mentioned how the legalization of marijuana would decrease the amount of citizens in jails due to pot busts.  He also mentioned how essentially, the legalization could free up tax dollars; with less people getting busted for pot, their will be less court cases and less people in jail, which are both paid for with tax dollars.  So he definitely did his research and stood up for his beliefs.

The debate did have some funny moments, like when Nancy Grace asked how 2 Chainz got his name.  She ended the debate by reciting some of his lyrics.

Although the debate seemed very heated, the two took to twitter and joked about making this a monthly thing.   It’s good to see a healthy debate that doesn’t end in drama.  So way to go you two!

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