[Flashback Fridays] Fashion Fridays: The DL’s Land of Mystery and Fierce Fashion by Jessica Rae

April 5, 2013

Thursday night, we were transported from the concrete jungle to a beautiful land of mystery and fierce fashion. Enclosed in a glass case on the third floor, the DL’s atmosphere was simply breath taking. The soothing sounds of tropical drums and acoustic melodies tickle your ear as the turquoise glimmer of light from the pool peaks through the foliage of the palm trees. The only reminder of reality is the gorgeous frontal view of the lit up Brooklyn Bridge as the hustle and bustle of cars, trains, and pedestrians continue into the night.

The Haute couture collection by Cocoa De Milo was a collection that demonstrated the connection between light and dark. The models were cloaked in airy fabrics in mostly darker green, brown and cream hues. The collection’s “branch like” line patterns and soft silhouettes skillfully played off of the backdrop of palm trees, serving as a visual guide to the influence nature has on fashion.

With no defined and outlined runway the models walked among the palm trees and around the audience. And although maybe not purposely intended the absence of the runway and the use of a dark lip and smoky eye made the collection seem more gritty and mysterious. It was as if, as an audience, we were witnessing the unveiling of a hidden indigenous people among the forest.

My favorite piece of the collection was a synched waist, off the shoulder long white dress. Paired against the dark chocolate skin of the model, the piece seemed to be the one shining bright exception to a mostly dark and mysterious collection. This break in between was a smart addition to the collection because it demonstrated the extreme ending spectrums of light and dark. The show stopper itself happened with the finale dress, a red jersey dress embellished with black fringes. As Ms. Dereon DaQuan strutted through the enchanted forest you were assured who was the “Queen” of this fashion tribe.

Overall, the presentation hosted and choreographed by Dereon VS DaQuan was exquisite. I thoroughly enjoyed the visual backdrop as well as the tailored pieces. The art of fashion was on display as well as actual pieces of art from upcoming painters and sculptors. The connection of creativity, whether, fashion, art, nature or music is evident and carries a clear connection to one another. It was definitely an EXTRAVAGANZA!

dlfashion dlfashion1

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