[Throwback Thursday] The Beginning of @JessTondu

March 12, 2013

Tha L. Spot has had the pleasure of getting to know R&B/Soul artist, Tondu on several occasions. On January 19, Tondu had a listening party of her EP “The Beginning” and we were able to talk to her about the project and the process of putting it together. When asked about how does she feel to have her first listening party she said she was nervous and taking it all in. Here’s the link to the photos we took from the listening party: Tondu’s Listening Party

On Valentine’s Day, she has released her first EP “The Beginning”. The EP was executive produced by Haz Ali, founder of FortheLovers Music. About a year ago, Tondu and Haz Ali had a meeting on potentially working with each other and shared their music similarities. Since that meeting, they have clicked. When Tondu creates music it is “loosely” based on personal experiences. “When you sing about songs that come close to you, most people relate,” said Tondu. The meaning behind the title “The Beginning” is about the new start of everything she will be experiencing in life and the beginning of more music. For the future, she is looking forward on taking her music to the next level. She wants her fans to stay tuned!

Why the name Tondu? Tondu was formerly known as Lady J and she decided to change it. “A lot people know me as Tondu, a lot people from high school thought that was my first name. I would be going around and people would say hey whats up Tondu and it stuck ever since then,” said Tondu.

Watch below of Tondu’s previous interview with Tha L. Spot interviewed by newest member Camille Cruz:


Make sure you download her EP “The Beginning” here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5hh3aqvv557dkbc

If you want to see Tondu perform live, come to Tha L. Spot’s New Website Launch Concert Series on March 16 at Iguana Restaurant and Lounge. It is a free event. Go to the events page to see more details about the event.

Follow Tondu on twitter: @JessTondu and like her facebook page: Tondu

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