DMV’s own @DreemySuave , Your New Favorite Artist!

DreemySuave, or Suave for short, a 23-year-old artist, is without a doubt taking the DMV and the Southeast Coast by storm. He currently lives in Maryland but he has lived in a number of places throughout the Western Hemisphere before he settled down in the Old Line State. It was at the young age of 7 years old, back when most people knew him by his actual name, Alpha Kamara, that his interest in rapping peaked.

“I had an older cousin, Ceedee, who used to rap and listen to Busta Rhymes, and Nas,” said Suave. “I looked up to him! He was my role model, I was his little homie.”

Since then he has grown and improved, becoming bigger than he ever could have expected. While most artist tend to draw inspiration from other artist, Suave is most inspired by things that remind him of his past such as cartoon shows, games, or music he heard when he was younger.

“I wouldn’t say just one artist because I listened to A LOT of artist honestly,” said Suave. “[I] Had too many older siblings controlling the TV so I heard a lot of different music, ha.”

When it comes to his artistic style, he feels it’s hard to give an exact definition. He not only raps but also sings and tends to just do whatever he feels each song calls for, so there’s always an element of surprise for him and his listeners alike. One attribute that he does share with a lot of other artists out there is the fact that those who support him are one of his biggest sources of motivation. This really kicked in once he started receiving praise from complete strangers, in addition to, his friends and family.

“People started telling me I could be the best rapper alive, and then people started telling me they actually cried to some of my songs,” said Suave. “I don’t even have depressing songs! That’s when I started believing in myself.”

Back in July of this past summer, DreemySuave had planned to drop his sophomore project, a mixtape entitled “PHAZE1”. However, the mixtape’s release has been postponed until Summer 2015. He doesn’t plan to leave his listeners hanging though. Suave let us know fans can expect a surprise mixtape some time soon to hold them over until summer rolls back around. Other than a single release here and there, he hasn’t seriously released anything since his first mixtape 2 years ago.

Dreemy Suave L Spot 1

“This mixtape is really allowing my audience into the mind of DreemySuave this time around, as I relate a lot of my experiences and aspirations through my own fantasy world,” said Suave.

He performed his first full set from “PHAZE1” this past July when he was live in concert with Curren$y at the RVA theatre. He also just finished the Still Dreemy tour, doing a few shows in ATL, Pennsylvania and North Carolina throughout the month of October. When Suave is not in the studio or on a stage, he loves doing art or anything visual really. He actually graduated from Stevenson University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. In terms of where you can find Suave next, he has several features with a couple of elite DMV artists in the works and more projects from him and the rest of his label, YSE (Y.E.S.I.R Ent – Young Entrepreneurs Succeeding in Reality) in the future.

“If I’m really supposedly one of the greatest artist to live in this generation, or at least unsigned artist? Then follow me and download PHAZE1 when it drops,” said Suave. “You might just have a new favorite artist, you never know!”

DreemySuave L Spot 4

You can keep up with what Dreemy Suave is doing and where he’ll be next on a day-to-day basis by following him on twitter and Instagram: @DreemySuave

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