Embrace Your Individuality w/ @JadedRoyalty

“We are called Jaded New Yorkers. Jaded means we’re tough. We have gone through everything you have imagined and we are still standing. I’m a Queen. I’m Jaded Royalty.”

– Ayanna, founder of Jaded Royalty

[4a] _MG_2460(Model wearing Jaded Royalty necklaces. Shot and edited by Dajeanius)

The beauty of being able to put raw pieces of stones, rocks, fossils, etc into a beautiful piece of jewelry is amazing. Ayanna, the founder of hand-made jewelry line, Jaded Royalty, has created a jewelry line for people to embrace their individuality. She created this line due to a tragedy that occurred in her life and used it to create something beautiful and inspirational. Some of her pieces are used with gem stones, metal, shark teeth, bullets, and any raw piece of material.

Here are her top 3 pieces and what they mean to her:

[5] JadedRoyalty Page1
Maui Princess – It’s used with shark teeth and it sits like a princess
The Mark of the Megaladon – Used with Megaladon shark tooth which is really huge. The biggest shark that ever lived.
50 Cal Bullet – Bad a$$ chick, takes no prisoners

When Ayanna creates her pieces it is usually based on how she is feeling at the moment. When she is feeling good there is no limit to what she can do because she is happy which makes her more productive and creative. Her mood also affects the colors she uses. For instance, when she is happy she uses brighter colors and when she is feeling the opposite she uses darker colors. Because of this, it allows her to make limited edition of pieces for each of her customers. There are no chances of someone having the same pieces. However, Jaded Royalty does make mass productions of the same bracelets and earrings but only up to 20 pieces.

Jaded Royalty number one goal is to be known as an international jewelry brand.

You can find Jaded Royalty here:
Instagram @Jaded_royalty

Take a look at Jaded Royalty in a recent interview by our Media Correspondent @camillejcruz

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