Halloween 2014 Alien Astro Collection by Michael Mann La Salle


         If you love art, then you will definitely love Michael Mann La Salle. La Salle is a 23 year old native of Brooklyn, NY, who loves to create items, whether it is from making masks to costumes and clothing. Personally knowing Mike, he is also a very great painter. Not only can La Salle create with his hands, he is also a phenomenal dancer. When I tell you he eats, sleeps, and breath art and dance, it’s 100 percent true. La Salle is currently training at Broadway Dance Center.  While training at the center he has been able to meet and collaborate with other artists such as choreographers Neil “Dradle” Schwartz and Cat Cogliandro by being their costume designer. La Salle is also an assistant cinematographer for Movements by Shar.  With that opportunity, he has been able to explore his creativity and movement through video.

This season Michael has spent an immense amount of time for the debut of his collection of masks, Halloween 2014 Alien Astro Collection. The idea came from his love of dance, fascination with science and space. The masks are essentially made to accompany dancers on stage, or on the dance floor. But the masks are definitely for everyone who simply love art. La Salle is showcasing the collection at the restaurant Le Cheile on the corner of 181 street & Cabrini Avenue in Washington Heights, NYC. Come out and enjoy the great ambiance at Le Cheile featuring Michael Mann La Salle’s original collection. I encourage all of you to inquire in taking one or more of these fierce pieces home.

 Michael Mann La Salle is having a showcase of his amazing collection on Wednesday, October 29th from 7pm-10pm at Le Cheile .


le cheile       


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