[Trending Tuesday] Ray Rice’s wife Janay Fires Back on Social Media

Janay Rice, wife of former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, fired back on social media after video surfaced of the couples domestic violence incident.

Yesterday morning, TMZ released the video, that took place earlier this year, of Ray punching Janay and knocking her out in an elevator.  Hours later, the Baltimore Ravens announced that they were terminating Rice’s contract and that he was suspended indefinitely.

The media went into a frenzy at the sight of the domestic incident.  However Janay Rice stood by her man and made a statement on social media:


Earlier this year, only a partial clip of the incident was released.  It showed Ray Rice dragging his then fiancé Janay out of an elevator.  Ray Rice had made a public apology and Janay even admitted to her part in the argument.  He was sentenced to two weeks suspension and later returned to the team.

However, with this new video, it brings up many questions. If you haven’t seen it… Here it is….

First thing is Where was this video before? The Baltimore Ravens and the NFL claim to have never seen this video prior to its release on TMZ.  Which seems a little fishy, almost like they tried to hide it.  The video is from surveillance cameras, which should have been confiscated by police after the incident was first reported. Whoever sat on this video for all this time should be out of a job too. But *sips tea*

Second: Clearly, Janay covered for her man the first time.  In their public apology, she made it seem like she instigated the fight and pushed him to get violent with her.  But this full video shows that she didn’t do much to provoke him.  He hit her, she pushed back. Then he knocked her right out with one good swing of his strong left arm.  She’s a trooper for staying with him.  The only reason that makes sense for her staying is she used this incident as leverage for him to get rid of the pre-nup.  Think about it. He’s rich. They were engaged.  He did something bad so now he “owed” her.  Would you have stayed?

Lastly:  You have to applaud the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL for taking action and demonstrating that this type of behavior is not acceptable.  However, don’t think for one second that the NFL actually cares that Ray Rice hit his wife.  The NFL is a business and like any other business they don’t like any bad press.  I have a strong feeling that they thought this video would never surface (which was dumb. Hello it’s 2014) and brushed it under the rug after they suspended Rice earlier this year.  But with the media going crazy over this new video, they were obligated to do something.  If they didn’t, that would have caused another issue on their end.

Domestic violence is a prevalent issue, one that affects many around the world.  So it’s satisfying to see that no one is exempt from punishment for this crime.  However, I do wish the best for Ray Rice and his wife Janay.  It seems like counseling would do the couple some good, if they plan on staying together.


What are your thoughts on this whole incident? Is Janay right for standing by Ray? Is the termination of Rice’s contract a sufficient punishment? Too harsh? Comment below.

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