Trending Tuesdays – VMAs edition!


2014 VMAs

First things first: ALL HAIL BEYSUS. Whether you are a part of the beehive or not, even if you are the farthest thing from a Beyoncé fan, there is no denying that she went above and beyond and gave us an unforgettable finale. Her performance was literally a mini concert as she incorporated almost every song off her latest album. Everything about the performance was on point: the choreography, the visuals, her vocals, the way she switched from sex goddess to loving mother within a matter of seconds. It was nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from the Queen Bey. Not to mention Blue Ivy dancing along was absolutely adorable and she and Jay Z being the ones to give Bey the Michael Jackson video vanguard award had me on the verge of tears.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ongoing yet somewhat true joke that theme for this year’s VMAs was butts. Between Nicki Minaj’s twerktastic performance of her latest single “Anaconda” and the all ass and legs choreography to Drunk in Love during Beyoncé’s grand finale, I can certainly see where the idea came from. Not that anyone’s necessarily complaining.

Taylor Swift had her first big performance since she finally admitted what we all already knew, that she is now a pop star and ceased being a country artist a while ago. I am still not in any way a Taylor Swift fan and her dancing was just as awkward as ever, but it wasn’t necessarily awful. I especially appreciated the bit she did mid-song, it was pretty funny.

Miley Cyrus proved to everyone that she’s more than just tongues and twerking as she used her fame for good by allowing her date for the evening, a former homeless teenager by the name of Jesse, accept her award on behalf of runaways and homeless youth all of the US in an attempt to raise awareness and raise funds.

These were just a few of the highlights of the evening but all in all, I feel as though the 2014 VMAs was definitely a night to remember, for better or for worst.



Suge Knight

Rap mogul and founder of Death Row Records Marion “Suge” Knight was one of three people shot early Sunday morning at a pre-VMA party being thrown by singer Chris Brown. 

The 1Oak on West Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard erupted into chaos as multiple shots rang out, six of which reportedly hit Knight according to TMZ – five in the stomach, one in the arm.

As specific as it may seem, this isn’t the first time a VMA pre-party has ended in disaster for Knight. He was shot in the leg back in 2005 at a party being hosted by rapper Kanye West at a Miami nightclub.

The bad news is that shooter has yet to be identified. Don’t worry though, there’s good news too: All three victims are expected to fully recover.

Witnesses claim that Brown was actually the target of the shooting. The singer spoke out regarding the altercation, tweeting “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes. Miss me with the bullshit!!!”

I personally couldn’t agree more. Regardless, it’s good to hear that none of the injuries were fatal. Hopefully the shooter will be discovered soon.


Drumline 2

So, this piece of movie news doesn’t directly relate to the VMAs but I found about it through it being advertised during the award show so technically it fits in with the theme of this post.

Apparently we can expect a Drumline sequel in the very near future. That’s right, Drumline that came out in 2002 and starred Nick Cannon is randomly getting a follow up movie 12 years later.

The VH1 original film Drumline: A New Beat, which is set for release this fall, focuses on a female lead this time around. Danielle “Dani” Bolton, played by Alexandra Shipp, is a brilliant drummer whose goal is to become the first female percussion section leader in the famous Atlanta A&T drumline after defying her parents to attend the university to begin with.

Leonard Roberts reprises his role as Sean Taylor, who is now the new AT&T band director. Cannon will be making a cameo as Devon Miles but is primarily filling the role of one of the TV movie’s executive producers.

I’m honestly pretty skeptical about the movie and feel it’s just going to end up being another one of those completely unnecessary sequels, trying to fix something that isn’t broken and what not. Only time will tell though.

Check out the teaser below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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