Help Save Nippy Lavern Fashions’ Boutique! #SaveNippyLavern

Due to the storm on July 2nd, Nippy Lavern Fashions’ Boutique on Tompkins Ave in Brooklyn, NY, had a massive flood and had to close down. She has been at this location for about 3 years and it is unfortunate she has to leave her store she started her brand in. Due to these circumstances, Nippy Lavern is looking for supporters to help her raise enough money to move into a new location.

“After working 3 jobs to keep the doors open while maintaining the boutique. My world was crushed on July 2, 2014, when I saw my entire store flooded with water and my ceiling caving in from a severe storm. Majority of my merchandise was damaged beyond repair!”- Nippy Lavern.

Nippy Lavern has created a GoFundme account where everyone can make a donation. No donation is too small. Her goal is to raise at least $20,000 to cover the damage of her clothing, rent for a new location, marketing materials and more so she can start all over. Here is the link to donate: Let’s help Nippy Lavern Fashions’ re-open in her city of Brooklyn!

After you make your donation, please take a screenshot and post on instagram with the hashtag #SaveNippyLavern and make sure you tag @nippylavern. Nippy Lavern will re-post showing her appreciation of your donation!

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