@Hutchbydesign Presents #BattleoftheBands Series!

Hutch by Design has presented a 3-part music showcase series called Battle of the Bands. The first part was the Pop/R&B edition and the second part was the Hip Hop edition, which both took place at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NY. All the performers who performed at each showcase had their fans vote for them to be in the finale concert that’s in the Summer. Hutch by Design gives artists the opportunity to network with industry executives through a Meet and Greet. The Meet and Greet allows artists to ask any questions to the industry executives to help further their music careers.

Now let’s get to the Hutch by Design’s Battle of the bands experience…

The first part of the Battle of the bands experience took place in February. There were performances by Sillage, a 24-year old poet and lover of music, who is a part of the Street Poets Artistry Collective; Minnie Nicole, who is a Gospel singer and is currently the lead singer on the Praise Team at the United Community Baptist Church; Zengee WRDPCE, who is an American musician/poet/thinker and creative; Jey Gibbs, who is a R&B singer/songwriter from Charleston, SC; Davine, who is a dancehall/reggae artist, and IhniShara, who is a R&B/Soul singer/songwriter, from New Jersey.

All of these performers put on a great show with their different musical styles. It was one big collage of music and art, which fits with the vibes of Free Candy.

The second part of the Battle of the bands experience took place in April . There were performances by Tuan X, a MC, singer writer and actor from Brooklyn; Chri$ F3rg, a Hip Hop artist that has a passion for music and education; Camaro Heff, a hip hop artist from the Bronx and is known for his signature line “I know that’s right”; Melvilene, a Latina rapper from New Jersey who works with Shook One Productions; Eli Smith, a rapper from Brooklyn, who created his own path in Hip Hop music; Owe, a rapper from Southside Queens; The General, a dj, producer, engineer, rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn; JB, a hip hop artists born in Brooklyn but raised in SoCal; Brooklish, a hip hop artist from Brooklyn; King Sole, a hip hop artist from Queens, who recently released his sophomore mixtape “Pain Killers”; Master Kha, a hip hop artist from Brooklyn; and SMTH, a hip hop artist from Brooklyn who gives his audience music they can feel.

These artists had the audience’s full attention from beginning to end. All of the artists were supporting one another and the energy in the place was great. Some artists had a live band with them which even took the battle of the bands experience to another level.

Hutch by Design’s music showcases are beneficial for artists to grow as a performer and gives them the ability to network with industry executives. For more information on Hutch By Design, visit http://hutchbydesign.com/ Stay tuned for the finale in the Summer!

Here’s a recap of April’s Battle of Bands:

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