@Mic_Check_Weds at Drom NYC

Another night of talented individuals happened on February 26, at Drom NYC for Mic Check Wednesdays. It was hosted by Mic Barber and Mo Brown Sugar with music by Hot 97’s DJ Spynfo. Although I was late for the show, I was able to catch a few of the performances by rapper Aja Chanel, comedian  Solo, poetry from Jeff Dess, Britney Campbell with her band, comedian Kari and R&b/Rap duo Soul Ambition.

Rapper, Aja Chanel is only 17 years old and the way she delivered on the stage you wouldn’t think she was so young. Poet. Jeff Dess blessed us with thought-provoking poetry relating it to the past and the present. He released a book called Deconstructing Ratchet. Britney Campbell and her band had the crowd hype especially with her singing about titties. (lol) I’m pretty sure every guy went home singing “Big ol’ titties”. Comedians Solo and Kari had everyone in tears with their jokes. And once again, Soul Ambition did it for the ladies with their R&B and Rap songs.

Besides the performances, the main highlight of the night was celebrating Mo Brown Sugar’s birthday. She was looking gorgeous in her gold dress. She looked like she enjoyed her night especially celebrating her 72nd Birthday, I mean 27th birthday. (lol) She premiered a clip of an upcoming film she is in. Unfortunately, I missed it but I heard it was great!


Overall, this was another great night with talented individuals, food and drinks for Mic Check Wednesdays at Drom NYC. The next one is March 26th. We’ll see you there:


Get your tickets in advance at miccheckwednesdays.com.

To stay updated with Mic Check Wednesdays, follow them on twitter/instagram: @mic_check_weds

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