[New Music] Kill Them Before They Grow by Wordsmiff


Rapper, Wordsmiff, released the single Kill Them Before They Grow this morning.  The single is the third released from his highly anticipated album Bars Over Everything II, and plays like a public service announcement to the Black community. Wordsmiff lays out the journey of Black America from slavery to the White House, but emphasizes that the fight is not over until we tackle issues such as education and prejudice and truly be a united nation.

The Brooklyn bred rapper, released Bars Over Everything I back in July after a seven year hiatus from the rap game.  Originally from the Group SNRC, Wordsmiff took a break to polish up his craft.  Resurfacing with a new name and new approach to music, Wordsmiff was successful in bringing back the true essence of hip hop, like back in the 90’s.

His work tells the stories of growing up on the tough streets of New York, love, and drive to make something of himself . On tracks such as The Vent and ConPhlicted Soul Wordsmiff displays his versatility as an MC and his originality as an artist.   Throughout his work,  it is evident that the Brooklynite strives to take his music to the highest plateau.  Focusing on lyrics, delivery and love for quality music, Wordsmiff truly embodies Bars Over Everything. 

Take a listen to Kill Them Before They Grow below.

wordsmiff kill em

Get to know Wordsmiff and check out Bars Over Everything I.   Stay tuned for Bars Over Everything II release coming soon.


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