Ladies Get Your Pure Diva Lengths Hair From Sehven Daze

We all know beauty and brains are everything to a woman. However, a woman’s beauty is the first thing that people see once she enters a room. She can have the perfect outfit, flawless make-up but her hair is the most important part of a woman’s beauty and confidence. I’m pretty sure you all can relate. How many of you refused to go outside because your hair wasn’t done but you had everything else looking good? (Raises hand)

Sehven Daze understands this important asset of a woman. Women may want to have straight long hair, curly long hair, short hair and etc but don’t have the ability to do it with their own. Sehven Daze introduces Pure Diva Lengths, which has natural virgin hair that can be styled however you want it to look at affordable prices.

Below are samples of their work:

“Most Ladies would say that her hair is important to her but doesn’t define who she is. That is true but from a Diva’s standpoint, her hair is EVERYTHING! Not only does she look flawless on the outside, she radiates luxurious beauty from the inside out. With the Pure Diva Lengths Virgin Hair extensions collection, she moves with confidence, class and life as her Runway. Is that you?” – Sehven Daze


For more information on Sehven Daze’s Pure Diva Lengths, visit Follow them on instagram: @sehvendaze

You can catch Sehven Daze’s Pure Diva Lengths at our 2nd Year Anniversary Concert/Fashion Experience on March 19th at Roulette Theater in Brooklyn, NY. They will have a table set up with samples and cupcakes and you can order your Pure Diva Lengths there! If you want to attend get your tickets at Enter promotional code “thalspot” to get $5 off your ticket.

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