P.O.W Eyeshadow Make-up Line by Kendra Williams


New Orleans own r&b singer, Kendra Williams created her own make-up line called P.O.W Eyeshadow (stands for Portrait of a Woman which is her latest album title).  P.O.W Eyeshadow has a pallet of 88 assorted colors for the women who wears many hats. Ms.Williams is not only a singer but a mother, actress and business owner . Before making her line official, she wore her make-up for two years to make sure she loved it and if it would draw attention. When she was consistently asked whose make-up she is wearing she knew she had something.

P. O. W is a brand Ms.Williams is praying to be a house hold name making it very affordable for women. This new eyeshadow will be available in February and can be purchased at mskendrawilliams.com.

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