Prince of Tha L. Spot, Nathaniel, Releases “Nathaniel App” for iPhones and Android

The prince of Tha L. Spot, Nathaniel,  releases the “Nathaniel App” for iPhone today, Friday, November 9, which was also previously released on android.

The app offers a unique user experience which allows fans to connect with Nathaniel on a personal level. He is attempting to accommodate his fans by keeping them in the know. Some of the apps features are music,  twitter and facebook notifications, performance video links with live feed access, and personal stories through access to his blog.

” I want supporters to be able to have access to me at any time,” said Nathaniel.

The app is available via iTunes apple store for iPhone and Google Play for android.  Nathaniel encourages his supporters to  quickly download the “Nathaniel app”, as  it will only be free for a limited time on both apps.

I have it on my android and it is Awesome! It keeps me updated on Nathaniel and current events! Download it! Tha L. Spot APPROVES!


Thank you for visiting Tha L. Spot!

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