360 Is Music

Who is 360 and why the name 360? 360 is a rapper from Queens, NY and is finally receiving his shine. 360 picked up this name in the Barber Shop because of the waves in his hair. Now he transitioned the meaning to being a complete musician. He has been rapping since the age of 10 years old but took it seriously at the age of 17. Pursuing music was on and off in 360’s life. Life challenges had prevented him to pursue music full time that he had to put it on hold. It wasn’t until he found a way to make music get him through those life challenges. He has been inspired by many artists such as P.Diddy, Jay-Z, 50 cent, Eminem and many more.  But overall he is motivated by the struggle to make sure he achieves his goals. Music is a way for him to express himself and share with others who can relate.

Some may say he sounds like 50 cent but 360 is paving his own way. Of course he doesn’t mind being compared to one of the greatest. He takes it as a compliment. He said when Artists first start out they are often compared to someone who is already known until people get familiar to the artist. But 360 is making his own way! He has one of his songs called Own Thing off of his EP Everywhere and Back being rotated on Hot 97, 105.1, Shade 45 and many more. He said it felt unreal to hear his music on the radio. It was like someone gave him a million dollars. When he first heard himself on the radio, he said, “Damn I sound good on the radio.” I’m pretty sure this is the greatest feeling for any artist.

His music being played on the radio is not the only successful opportunity he has been given. He was able to perform in the BET Music Matters Showcase at Santos Party House a couple of months ago. This is actually where we met. I was really impressed by his stage presence, energy and music. I had to interview him on Tha L. Spot! For him to get these opportunities it has been overwhelming and was not planned but he is finally getting his dues. He used to do rap battles, showcases, getting DJs to listen to his music and everything else he can think of. He never gave up! Now it’s his time to shine.

Most importantly, the people that he does it for are his fans. He said it is very important to stay connected with his friends because this is how they will remember you and that’s how you keep them. When I was doing my research on 360, I saw a YouTube video of a contest he was doing and the prize was a pair of Beats by Dre. I know that lucky winner was excited and will cherish that moment forever. 360 explained to me you have to give them that memory even if it’s just a “hello”. “We are here for the people,” said 360.

Currently, he is working on a new project and working with other different artists. For now you can check out his latest music video “Own Thing”:

Follow 360 on twitter: @360ismusic

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Visit his website: http://360ismusic.com/



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