Krystal Garner – Model/Actress/Host

Krystal Garner – Model/Actress/Host

Who is Krystal Garner? She is a print model, an actress, and a host. She is a woman who wants to conquer it all. Some can say, she is the Jane of all trades. You may recognize her face in the blackberry commercial or the Grey Goose Cherry Noir commercial. She has done many commercials, TV shows, and films. Krystal Garner is trying to build her name and brand.

Before Krystal Garner became the woman she is today, she began to build her name within her school. She played for the basketball team at BMCC, president of the Student Government Association at BMCC, developed a program called Visionary Society and she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated. She always kept herself busy. She believes your network is your net worth.  When everything officially took off for Krystal Garner’s modeling career, it was the day when she decided she wanted to leave her 9 to 5 (but was fired before she had the chance to tell them she quits). After, she had a meeting with her management team KO Marketing and Management (who she happened to just sign on with prior to deciding to leave her job) helped her package her brand and take it to the next level. Now she is always booking different castings or events compared to when she was working for her 9 to 5. (Everything happens for a reason)

Krystal Garner inspired to become a model through her mother’s dreams. When her mother was younger she used to model but didn’t get a chance to fully live this dream, so Krystal wants to accomplish this dream for her mom and herself. Since she was tall, skinny, and beautiful many people thought she should become a model, so she did it! (But did you know Krystal wanted to be a professional basketball player? Unfortunately, due to injury she wasn’t able to accomplish that dream.)

Sanya Hudson Payne is Krystal Garner’s soror and personal mentor. She is an author and been through a lot in her life. She is truly an inspiration to Krystal to pursue her dreams because she was able to surpass her struggles and go for her dream. In the industry, Krystal admires Halle Berry for her character and work ethics throughout her acting career. She built her name to be the most respected actress. Also, she idolizes Zoe Saldana for all the work she has done and as her being a philanthropist. She admires that she is not only doing something for herself but is giving back to the community (something Krystal truly believes in). She just started following a new model, Yendi Phillips, and she feels Yendi represents it all as a model and philanthropist in a positive way.

While Krystal Garner continues to build her brand, she wants to organize a summit or organization for teenagers to learn how they should carry themselves accordingly. For young women to know how they should be treated as a lady and proper etiquettes and for young men to know how they should treat a lady and how to carry themselves. This is just one of her goals but there are so much more she wants to accomplish to help the younger generation. Krystal Garner is not only a model or an actress she is a role model and philanthropist.

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