Global Shyne

Global Shyne

Global Shyne is a company put together of different promoters giving artists a platform to shine and a way to network with different artists, producers and industry representatives. The founders of Global Shyne are Cisco Kidd (Silent partner) and Jamia Parks. It was founded in December 2010 but officially launched in January 2011. Its home base is in New York City but it has spread throughout Atlanta, Florida, South Carolina and etc. They created Global Shyne because of their love for music and to be able to showcase and market talents. They do not only focus on one genre. They look for all types of artists in different genres, around the world and do not discriminate against anyone’s talent (Hence the name Global Shyne). This is a way for people to see music in a different light.

Global Shyne does not only promote, advertise and market talent but they want to spread awareness with different issues occurring in the community. Currently Global Shyne is working on a proposal to spread awareness about violence in the community hoping to lead people into taking action on preventing violence from happening in our community. They plan to release a mixtape in tribute to what has been occurring. This issue has hit home for Jamia Parks after losing a friend from violence and hearing the story about Trayvon Martin. Global Shyne would like people to help support this movement.

There is a very wide range of where they want to take Global Shyne including to start a T-Shirt line. They have released different mixtapes as another outlet for artists to showcase their talents. The mixtapes are shopped around to different blogs, websites, and other media outlets to get those talents music heard. In total, they have done six mixtapes. They have done Butta Series with Volumes 1 to 3, an Aaliyah tribute mixtape and Evolution of Love with Volumes 1 and 2.

Global Shyne, Not just a business…it’s a movement… We Shyning.”- Global Shyne

If you want view Global Shyne website, go to If you want to be featured on the website, email

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