Maurice General a.k.a. The General – DJ, Producer, Engineer, Rapper and Songwriter

Maurice General a.k.a. The General

The General is a dj, producer, engineer, rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. He started off djing at the age 12 years old and was djing at different events. While djing he found an interest in making beats. At first he thought it was hard and didn’t understand how to put the sounds to make it sound good until he looked on Youtube and learned how to create beats. He produces different kinds of beats like hip-hop, electronic, techno and others. He is trying to be more diverse to cater to different artists need. He was inspired by producers Skrillex, Kanye West and Forty. He said, “I can’t stop now. I make beats more than anything.” Currently, he attends school at Institute of Audio Research majoring in audio engineering in digital music production.

The General considers his raps to be fun, has flow, outspoken, poetic and relevant. He feels he has to sacrifice his music because he wants to speak the truth but a lot of people are not trying to hear the truth or at least too much of it. He observes what is happening in the industry and he realized people prefer to listen to party music. He makes his music simple and catchy but at the same time speaking the truth (not too much though). Jay-Z, Drake and J. Cole are The General’s inspiration for doing music.

The General created a movement called The Gelato Life. He calls it The Gelato life because it was based on an ice cream shop by his school, and the name sounds smooth and different. He is planning on releasing a mixtape in the summer tentatively called Gelato Life. He has plans for his movement Gelato Life including creating a clothing line.

“Don’t give up on your dream; whatever you want to do go for the prize. Go all out. No one will do it for you.”- Maurice General a.k.a. The General

Check out his pages with his beats and music:

Sound Cloud link
Reverbnation link

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If you want to contact Maurice aka The General directly email

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