Nicoye Banks – Actor

Nicoye Banks

Nicoye Banks, actor, from New Orleans moved to New York City about 14 years ago to further his passion for acting. At age 10 years old, he was inspired by Michael Jackson and Malcolm X. He was blown away by Michael Jackson’s performance on Motown’s 25th Anniversary show. He was moved by how powerful one of Malcolm X’s speech was. Besides Nicoye Banks being inspired by Michael Jackson and Malcolm X, one of his teachers introduced him to poetry and entered him in a competition (which he won) this is when he knew he wanted to pursue acting. He understood the medium of being in front of people, on television, on stage and being able to educate, touch and move people lives.

Nicoye Banks has co-starred in the movies Brooklyn’s Finest and Green Zone, which both, one week after the other, debuted as #2 in the country. He has been on the television series Law and Order and One Life to Live but Nicoye Banks first love is theater. He has done several plays like Raisin in the Sun playing Travis, Brothers from the Bottom and many more. He says live theater is tangible. He can connect with the audience and the audience can share the experience with him on stage at the same time. The difference from being on screen and live on stage is you have to stay in character at all times on stage compared to being on screen. He doesn’t have to be on screen until it’s time to shoot his scene. Some advice he gives about acting especially doing theater is to be prepared and breathe. “When you are prepared it gives you a certain confidence in whatever you are doing. You know your stuff. You enter into a place or situation with that extra confidence. Even if you are thrown curve balls you are prepared and you don’t even know it. Being prepared and breathe are key essentials,” said Nicoye Banks.

Nicoye Banks emerges himself in the characters that he plays. He learns their occupation, where they are from, how they walk, talk and so much more. This is what he did for his recent role in Women Thou Art Loosed: On the Seventh Day by Bishop TD Jakes opening on April 13th. Nicoye Banks immersed himself in his role as a special agent who focuses on child kidnapping. He has a heighten disposition that a regular cop doesn’t have. Nicoye Banks studied his role in depth. He researched how a special agent would act and researched psychological studies, and sociological studies. He “goes all in” to his character.

In this new movie Women Thou Art Loosed: On the Seventh Day co- starring Blair Underwood and Sharon Leal. Nicoye Banks said you should expect a head spinning roller coaster ride. It is a thriller about a family that has their daughter kidnapped. In search for their daughter a lot of personal issues come to the surface. The abductor kills the children on the seventh day. There will be a lot of events you won’t expect to occur within seven days.

Here is the trailer of Women Thou Art Loosed: On the Seventh Day:

Nicoye Banks wants his fans to know he is a very passionate and honest artist. He is always looking for three dimensions of the story and of the character. It’s not just the look of it, not just the sound, and not just the feel.  It is all of it combined together. He loves giving back especially for causes he believes in. He looks for the good in everything. He created a foundation called “It Takes Heart.” He gives scholarships to high school students who want to study acting. He said, “One thing it takes for anything is heart. It takes heart to get out of bed to start your day. In your heart lies courage, stamina, and compassion. Then you begin to step out and educate yourself to make decisions. It takes heart to get out of your comfort zone. All of it is in your heart.” In New York at Westbury High School, he created an acting workshop and book camp called “Art of the Craft.” It is for aspiring actors to learn different acting techniques, receive personal coaching, and to help you stay intact with yourself. He is expanding it in more places in New York and New Orleans.

In the future, he wants to have bigger roles or projects. He feels the acknowledgements and recognition will help him send more positive messages to his audience. Also, he wants to do productions for stage and film.

“I believe in plan A, never had a plan B. For not having a plan B to focus on, to not have that safety net under me, I have no choice. Failure is not an option. It is not really a destination I am going for. This is the journey period.”- Nicoye Banks

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