Stephanie Monderson- Writer

Stephanie Monderson – Writer

Stephanie Monderson, a writer from Brooklyn,NY, creates e-books that have a collection of all of her poems she wrote over a certain time period. She began writing when she was in high school. She writes how she feels at the moment in a poetic form. She shares what she observed and her opinions about that specific time period.

In 2010, Stephanie Monderson released her first e-book called Beyond This Mask. Beyond This Mask is a collection of her poems from 2004 to 2010. She separated the book into two chapters, Observation and Through Love & Despair. The whole book has a total of 28 poems separated between the chapters. Stephanie Monderson’s inspiration to creating this book was when she had to do a project for her digital photography class in college. She came up with something that meant a lot to her and turned it into an e-book. She enjoyed what she did for her project and decided to expand on it.

The cover of the e-book is a picture of her from when she was a little girl. The picture depicts a facial expression that she still has today which many people question her about what’s going on in her mind. It relates to the title Beyond This Mask and she takes the readers into her thoughts.

She wants readers to share their opinions about her work. She likes hearing peoples’ thoughts and point of views. She would feel great if the readers figured out the meaning behind her poems but it would intrigue her to see if people have a different insight that she haven’t thought about of her poems.

If you want to read a preview or purchase Beyond This Mask for $1.99 then click here:

Barnes and Noble



view some of the poems from the e-book on Facebook here:

I personally recommend it because the way she describes and the topics of what she observed, most of us can relate to it or even reflect on it. It will soon be on Barnes and Nobles and iBook store. Even if you don’t buy the e-book, if you read some of the poems give some feedback. She is in the process of making her second book.

If you want to contact Stephanie Monderson, email

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