Kyle Bailey – Film Director/Producer

Kyle Bailey Films

Kyle Bailey Films was created by Kyle Bailey, a young film director/producer, from Brooklyn, NY but currently resides in Queens, NY.  He was inspired by watching movies when he was young with his father. Kyle Bailey’s passion grew for film when he saw Sisqo’s “Thong Song” video. He admired the way Hype Williams directed the video. He studied Hype Williams’ and Ralph McDaniels’ (Hype Williams’ mentor) videos and is now following in their footsteps.

Currently Kyle Bailey is focusing on music videos. He has done a lot of videos for local artists. Some of these artists are DramadotKom, Fa$e Money, Starks, Bizze-Blaze, Moe Fundz, Ill-O, Fresh Unlimited, Breeze and SP, and so many more.

Kyle Bailey Films is all about creating a relationship with their clients than doing business. By them working together it can grow opportunities for both the client and Kyle Bailey Films. They are able to create reasonable budgets based on what their client’s vision.

Majority of the videos Kyle Bailey Films produce they have a story line to them. The videos tell the story of the song. Of course that is the main purpose of creating music videos but Kyle Bailey Films really implements that vision.

Here is Kyle Bailey Films’ latest video:

Fa$e Money – Let’s Chill

Also check out his 2011 Demo Reel:

If you want to see more videos by Kyle Bailey Films, go to

You can follow him on twitter @kylebaileyhd

Or add him on Facebook: Kyle Bailey HD


If you want to book Kyle Bailey you can email or for publicity you can contact Jessica Chalmers at

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